Thursday, March 13, 2008

Visual Ajax Webinar with Alex Russell - March 20 at 12PST

The first Visual Ajax User Group webinar will be next Thursday, March 20 at 12 PST. The speaker will be Alex Russell, co-author of the Dojo toolkit. He will be talking about "The Zen of Web 2.0 - How to Make Web App Development Effortless."

To sign up, send an email to

The meeting will be at the offices of WaveMaker Software, 301 Howard Street, 22nd Floor, but space is limited and we are nearing capacity. There is plenty of room on the webinar though :-)

We also wanted to solicit input on future meetings. The next two meetings have been scheduled as follows:

  • April 17 - Scott Miles, Dojo Grid Creator- Tooling the Ajax Grid
  • May 15 - Stefan Andreasen, CTO, Kapow - Visualizing the Mashup
We do not yet have speakers for the remaining meetings for the year. Here are some of the people we think it would be interesting to have speak:
  • Jack Slocum, CEO, Ext
  • Daya Baran, WebGuild
  • John Brennan, Adobe
  • Kevin Hakman, Tibco General Interface
  • Paul Colton, Aptana
  • Adam Sah, Google Gadgets

Who do you think we should invite? Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Happy said...

I just miss that out as I didn't got the link to join through my turbomeeting by the way I still got access to webinar archives through one of my friend..