Wednesday, April 2, 2008

7 Reasons Not To Use Flex

Thomas Hansen of Gaia has an entertaining anti-Flex rant here (with even more entertaining comments featuring an array of Adobe Flex stooges all commenting as Anonymous).

I'm not sure I agree with all his points (see my State of the RIA market post or Really Idiotic Approches to RIA), but sometimes it's just fun to stir the pot. Here are his top 7 reasons not to use Flex:
  1. Adobe Flex effectively don't care about any of the web standards we have spent the last 4 decades building
  2. Adobe Flex is a BINARY RIA Framework
  3. Adobe Flex will effectively render your website invisible to Search Engines
  4. You don't know the technology needed to use Adobe Flex
  5. You don't know who'll win
  6. Adobe Flex is immature technology
  7. Adobe Flex is lock-in technology

As the commenters very ably point out, however, Flex is beautiful, cross-browser and works today. Us Ajax folks have got some catchin' up to do!

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Gavin Cooney said...

Uh, 4 decades building web standards? Something is wrong with that statement.